Case Management

Medical Case Management

When a health issue — any health issue — arises, the patient or family member calls us on our hotline & we take all the pertinent details of the current issue as well as a full medical history on the patient.  We then work with the patient, our medical team & any other relevant medical professionals to come up with a full treatment plan. We will book the necessary appointments, procedures, labs or tests, fill out the paperwork, and, if necessary, arrange for the patient to get there and back. We will even escort the patient to and from the hospital or clinic where necessary & ensure that they get the best and fastest treatment & care possible.

MSG has our own team of advanced medical personnel, including Senior EMT’s Paramedics, Nurses & Physicians who are available to assess & treat patients in the comfort of their own home or the location easiest for the patient around the clock. Additionally our staffs extensive experience in the many hospitals and clinics has given us the opportunity to build lifelong relationships & connections to the best medical professionals in the country who advise and assist on a case by case basis. 

Our case management staffs’ comprehensive medical background allows for a quick grasp of what needs to be done and how to best accomplish that working with the wider international medical bureaucracy.

In addition to being on the scene in Israel, we can be in touch with family members or parents 24/7, making sure they’re informed and on board with any medical decisions to be made.

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