Expedited Bituach Leumi Assistance

In order for us to process your Bituach Leumi application, please read the following instructions carefully.

A.     We are able to assist tourists with a student visa only. (A4, A2) If you are in the process of Aliyah or a Temporary resident with an A5 visa you must go to the Bituach Leumi office directly.

B.     You must be in Israel for 183 days (NOT consecutively) out of the last 365 days.

C.      Prepare all the relevant documents for each family member that you are applying for:

·        A Daf Knissot V’Yitziyot (can be obtained at the Misrad HaPnim). Needs to have been obtained within the last 14 days

·        A high-quality color copy of your current passport

·        A high-quality color copy of your current Visa

·        A student letter.

·        Form ב.ל. 1050  (Attached or can be downloaded from our website www.msgil.com )

 If you are married currently, in addition to the above, you must bring:

·        A high-quality color copy of your marriage license

·        A high-quality copy of your apartment rental contract


For an infant/baby, in addition to the above, you must bring:

·        A high-quality copy of the birth certificate

For a child it is only necessary to bring a student letter for the parent. If are applying for multiple people only one of you needs to come to our offices.  


Please Note:  Bituach Leumi will not accept applications for only part of a family. Meaning both parents of a child need to have or be applying for Bituach Leumi. 

We cannot assist you if you do not yet have 183 days in Israel or if you do not have all the required paperwork.

After you have all the paperwork together, please call our offices 072-222-4442 Sunday - Thursday between 12:30 and 14:30 in order to schedule an appointment (during Chagim and legal holidays there is no public reception or telephone information on Bituach Leumi issues). 


Our address is Rechov Yeshayahu 6 (the silver gate) . 


This service is a non-profit public service. There is a nominal fee for acquiring the lawyers signature of 50 nis.

Once we have received all the necessary paperwork from you, it generally takes between 7-30 days for you to receive your Bituach Leumi number.

We do not represent Bituach Leumi. All questions regarding registration for Bituach Leumi/ Ministry of the Interior and any exceptional cases should be addressed to the correct authority.


We will call you with your number as soon as we have it, there is no need to call us to check if your number has come in yet.

Attached below is an example of 1050בל  with some explanations and directions.

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