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Extremely Helpful...

I just wanted to let you know that your referrals were extremely helpful and I really appreciate your response. Thanks again.

Amazing & professional medical service...

Dear Moti and the entire MSG wonderful team

A guten erev shabbos. Firstly thank you all for helping to provide amazing and professional medical service for my friend while he was here visiting for Succos. Thank you for all and a good shabbos!


You took good care of my son..."

I was very impressed with your company. You took good care of my son last week at Sharei Tzedek Hospital. BH he is ok. Thank you.

They did a really great job..

Hello, I wanted to thank your staff for all the help you provided me. They did really a great job and I’m glad to say they were amazing, they knew exactly what to do and when to do, and were available almost in the 30 minutes after my call !!!

Thanks for clarifying everything...

Thanks for clarifying everything and for being there in such an amazing way for my son. We will never forget it.

And above all, warm & caring...

Good morning, I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for your service. As you know, my son Aryeh had an emergency situation a few weeks ago that then required follow up appointments and scans.Your services were fantastic. Efficient, quick, helpful and above all, warm and caring. The security that both Aryeh and I felt throughout this episode was only down to you and your staff. I hope that after today's appointment with the specialist, we can all feel assured that everything is OK. Bh. Many thanks again for all your help. May you continue to have the koach and ability to continue your excellent service.

Even over Shabbos, he knew that you were available...

For the attention of Mr. Moti Glustein, I hope this message finds you and yours well. I wanted to write to you, to thank you, and all your colleagues, for the tremendous assistance to us and to our son Josh. As you are aware, being miles away from one's children is always difficult. Being miles away from ones children, who are unwell, is doubly difficult. Your medical service was superb and I cannot find a single fault to fault the company with. My son always felt that there was someone knowledgeable on the other end of the phone. You were with him step by step, holding his hand through all the Israeli medical bureaucracy. You got him to the appropriate doctors, and subsequent appropriate hospital care. You were in touch with me, keeping me updated on the situation. Josh never felt that he was alone or in a foreign situation. I cannot begin to tell you what Hakoras Hatov we have to you and all the others who work with you. Your work and assistance continued throughout every step. Starting with an initial appointment at the doctor, moving on to the hospital emergency room, to tests of all sorts and to hospital admission. Someone was with him throughout, supporting him and constantly explaining the goings on. Once he was discharged from hospital, and returned to yeshiva, you continued to be on top of the situation. Even over Shabbos, he knew that you were available to him. Josh has now returned home, and is b'h in good health. I have no doubt that your involvement in his medical situation made the whole situation more tolerable and helped in his recovery. I thank you again for being there for us, and for Josh. May Hashem give you the koach needed to continue in your unbelievable care and chesed. Wishing you all a healthy summer and continued success. With thanks and appreciation,

I was amazed...

We had a son who was hospitalized for two weeks in Shaare Tzedek .When I called the office it was after hours and still I got a call back a few minutes later. I was amazed. I was put in touch with Moti who was literally a life saver for us. He even met with the doctors for us since we weren't so happy with the care, but he reassured us that the doctors were doing the best they could. Moti even suggested that we see a different doctor, so I called R' Firer to find out who the best doctor was for us and he said the same name as Moti! Moti even came to the room and spoke to my wife to calm her down. Without your help I don't know what would have been. I would recommend you to any one. Thank you so much you guys are really amazing. Keep up the good work!

You kept us informed...

MSG had a major part in our son's smooth recovery. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for a unique service you and your crew have provided to us. Recently, our 22 year old, was camping up north with his yeshiva friends, where unfortunately he took a fall and slipped on his back with minimal movement ability. No words can describe our worries for his condition and the sparse medical facilities that we can trust so far away from home. One phone-call to you Moti, right away reassured us that you will take care of our son and transfer him safely to Jerusalem for the definitive care. Throughout the way you kept us informed of times and locations which comforted us even more. In addition, you connected us with a specialist who managed to operate our son right away.We thank Hashem for helping our son recover from the injury, we are certain that with Moti's initial assistance, you have a major part in our son's smooth recovery. Good luck to you in all your endeavors. May Hashem repay you for your kindness

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