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Moti Glustein, CEO

Moti has been the go-to guy for anyone that needed anything medical in Jerusalem for over 10 years. And not just because he’s an expert in emergency medical protocols or because he’s fluent in Hebrew and English. Moti’s an expert in the language of people, and fluent in the unspoken needs of others. 
For many years Moti first volunteered & then worked in the different departments of the many hospitals around Israel giving him the opportunity to build lifelong relationships & connections to the best medical professionals in the country. 

Yonatan Fogel LLM,  Chief Strategy Officer

Yoni has many years’ experience in the international business world building relationships and cultivating deals for his clients. He brings his expertise to MSG as our CSO

Zevulun Kitay, Deputy Director

Zevulun father of four, has 10 years’ experience in emergency medicine as an employee of Magen David Adom specializing in the intensive care units & a licensed lab technician . He joined us in 2015 to head our Department of Non-Citizen Care. and has since then moved up to become our Deputy Director & oversees the day to day running of the company. The sense of responsibility he feels towards our members is evident and he deals with each client with the utmost patience and sensitivity”. 

Coby Grossbard, Chief Administrative & Compliance Officer

Coby lives in the French Hill section of Jerusalem with his wonderful wife & 5 children. Born & raised in Israel to American Olim Parents, Coby grew up understanding and being sensitive to the needs of the Anglo community. He has since been working within the Anglo oleh community for over 10 years.  Coby spent 3 years in the IDF where he was the adjutant for the commanding general of a specialist combat battalion. After being honorably discharged from his service in the IDF, Coby went to work for the Jewish Agency as the coordinator for the Magen David Adom overseas department. In 2015 Coby joined MDA full time as the Head of the department of First Responders & Chief of the Instant response unit. In 2016 Coby joined the MSG team as our Chief of Operations. 

Menachem Handelsman, Client Services Manager

Menachem originally from the USA. came to Israel in 2003 to learn with Yeshiva and just never left. He now lives in Ramot Yerushalayim with his wife & 3 children.


With has over a decade of experience in emergency medicine and over 16 years’ experience in customer service & management Menachem ensures that the MSG staff offers top tier "American" style service to all our clients & ensures complete client satisfaction.

Menachem joined MSG in the beginning of 2017 to head up our Client Services department.

Chaim Weinberg, Medical Supply Officer

Chaim is MSG’s Medical Supply officer & logistics specialist. Chaim is an MICU ambulance medic & trained in the warehouses & supply departments of Magen Dovid Adom in Jerusalem. He has an innate understanding of the equipment needs of our clients and consistently ensures that our medical staff has the most up-to-date equipment and that our patients have the most advanced technology to help and support in their treatment and general well-being.

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