Because You Need The Best!

Living in a new country with a foreign culture, a country full of red tape, where policies & protocols change constantly, with a medical system that can seem confusing at the best of times, and inflexible systems that can make you want to pull your hair out. 


For those from Anglo countries, the mentality & styles of service are very different here. Things like the lack of connections, differences of culture & something as basic as the language barrier can make an everyday task which would be seemingly simple like making an appointment with the right doctor feel like an insurmountable challenge. In critical situations, these essentially simple tasks can seem near impossible. 

Here at MSG our highly-experienced staff are fully equipped to provide our English-speaking clientele in Israel with the answers, direction, support and guidance they greatly need. 

In addition, MSG works with its own team of first responders, physicians, nurses, paramedics, home healthcare personnel, and air transport teams, enabling us to assist you in dealing with the full range of scenarios we encounter daily. From the most serious life-threatening issues to simple day to day issues like where to get a throat culture or how to get approval for a lab test.  

With MSG, we know our clients will never have to navigate this system on their own again.

Is MSG an insurance?

MSG does not provide insurance coverage.

A student or tourist in Israel will receive the widest range health care benefits by joining an Israeli health plan (kupat cholim) which also enables them to receive health services countrywide & not just in the Jerusalem area. MSG has teamed up with the Meuhedet Health Services to provide the optimal combination of services and coverage offered to non-citizens. Our experience has shown that through the plans we offer, a non-citizen will have access to more service and coverage options than any private insurance can provide. MSG will manage the insurance process and make sure you receive every benefit your entitled to. 

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