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Curesound - Wound And Pain Therapy

Reinventing Therapeutic Ultrasound
Effective and non-invasive treatment for pain and wound healing

As part of our medical services, we are proud to collaborate with CureSound, a company that develops advanced and non-invasive equipment for the treatment of pain and injuries at various severity levels.

The device is a cutting-edge and advanced Israeli development, approved by the Israeli and American health ministries, and its use has gained momentum in recent years. This technology enables treatment for complete and rapid healing compared to conventional treatments available in the market.

BRH Ultrasound

Advantages of the Treatment :


Precise and Efficient Treatment: Our treatment is focused specifically on the affected area. In contrast to medicinal treatments where the entire body is influenced by drugs or invasive treatments that involve surgical intervention requiring recovery, treatment using this technology is targeted only to the injured area and is addressed directly.

Convenient and High Accessibility Treatment: Experience treatment with maximum comfort. Our company comes to the patient's home and performs the treatment in the most natural and convenient environment for the patient.

Rapid Healing: The treatment is short and immediate without any intervention, the healing time is relatively fast compared to various treatments available in the market. After just a few sessions, you will feel a reduction in pain.

Personalized Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient has a different nature of pain or injury, so we tailor treatment plans to each patient individually and personally. After a consultation with a specialist in the field, you will receive a treatment plan.

Minimal Side Effects: This non-invasive approach of the treatment minimizes side effects, allowing the body to focus on healing without additional complications.

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BRH in Action


Q: Is the treatment painful?
A: No. The treatment is conducted in a way that ensures minimal discomfort for the patient while guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.
Q: What sensation will I feel during the treatment?
A: During the treatment, you will feel a sensation of mild tingling or light vibration.
Q: What is the duration of each treatment?
A: The duration of treatment for one area of the body is approximately 15 minutes. If there are multiple areas requiring treatment, a full treatment will be performed for each area in the same session.
Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: The nature of the treatment is determined by the size and type of the injury or the number of painful areas requiring additional treatment, considering the body's natural healing ability. Therefore, the required number of treatments cannot be predetermined, and the plan will be established after a consultation with a specialist who will assess and formulate the optimal plan for each patient.
Q: How soon will I see results?
A: Improvement in the condition of the wound/pain depends on several variables and may manifest in different ways, such as a reduction in the size of the wound, the appearance of new tissues around the wound, or the formation of new tissue around the open wound (which can even result in an increase in the size of the tissues during the treatment process, as this is a normal response). It is worth noting that if the goal of the plan is pain management, the healing process is faster than in the treatment of wounds.
Q: Can I return to normal activities after the treatment?
A: Yes! You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment.
Q: Can I perform treatments with the CureSound device on my own?
A: No. This system is a complex one operated by skilled medical staff.

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