Is the medical facility you need to be in on the other side of the ocean?

MSG Medical Services, operates 24/7 air ambulance, commercial stretcher & medical escort flight services. Msg’s top of the line medical team, our experienced aviation crew & expert flight coordinators ensure that you get to where you need to be when you need to be there.  We can be wheels up within 5 hours of your initial call & sometimes even less. One phone call and we will arrange all the details involved. From dealing with the both medical facilities or hospitals to getting all the proper authorisations & permits.  

MSG employs only the best Physicians, Nurses & Paramedics with specialty flight training & years of experience in long distance transport. We make sure that you always get the right medical specialist for your specific case. Whether it be pediatricians , oncologists, flight surgeons, trauma specialists, cardiovascular, or respiratory, geriatric, or gynecological. 

Full bedside-to-bedside service 

Our clinical protocols have been developed by specialists who are leaders in Israeli military trauma, cardiovascular medicine, oncology, gynecology & pediatrics. Giving us the ability to render the best medical care  possible to our patients.

We are equipped with the most uptodate & dependable equipment designed for long distance flights & we always have 100% redundancy.

  • Medical Flight Services
  • Air Ambulance Services
  • Commercial Stretcher Services

At MSG, our patients & their family's health, safety & comfort are always our

#1 priority.

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