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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MSG an insurance company/carrier ?
    MSG is a service provider ensuring you receive consistent quality care within the coverage of the existing HMO services. A student or tourist in Israel will receive the widest range health care benefits by joining an Israeli health plan (kupat cholim) or HMO which enables them to receive health services countrywide. MSG has teamed up with Maccabi Health Services to provide the optimal combination of services and coverage offered to non-citizens. Our experience has shown that through the plans we offer, a non-citizen will have access to more service and coverage options than any private insurance can provide. MSG will manage the insurance process and make sure you receive every benefit you're entitled to.
  • Why do I need MSG ? Can't I just go to the doctor on my own ?
    You are of course free to make your own appointments for HMO accepted services. However to ensure coverage, high quality doctors and treatments, confirm availability of English speaking personnel, access services that may not be easily available to the general public and for consistent follow-up, we recommend you request appointments through our hotline.
  • My friend has different insurance and they didn't cover him when he had an emergency. Is MSG the same thing ? Will I get stuck if I have an emergency as well ?
    It is in such situations where MSG’s Student Service really shines. Because of our experience and the relationships we have built we help you file for coverage in the ways most likely to receive approval and ensure you receive every available health benefit.
  • What is the process of registering for coverage ?
    Complete our user-friendly form here. Email used on the account page should be the contact information for financial and other administrative matters. If the student does not have an Israeli cellphone number yet, than you can leave that question blank. We cannot process an application without a clear picture or scan of the passport. Make sure to include all documentation regarding pre-existing conditions in the health section. Once the form is complete, it will be sent for approval. On receipt of approval, you will be sent a payment link for direct payment by credit card. We do not have an option of splitting up the payments unfortunately. Once payment is made, we send the application for activation. You will receive the policy number by email once the policy is active.
  • How soon can I apply ?
    We accept applications for the upcoming year, starting on May 15. It is recommended to register at least 10 days prior to arrival in Israel, in order to allow for proper processing time. You will be charged on completion payment information form. You will receive the payment link once your application has been approved.
  • How long before I come to Israel I need to register for my MSG Student Coverage ?
    It takes about 2 working days to process an application; It can however take longer (up to 2 weeks) during peak season, Chagim & Legal Holidays or if there are complications on your application. We do not retroactively register applicants.
  • Does the copy of the Passport need to be in color ?
    We require a clear, color scan of the passport main information page.
  • How do I pay if I don't want to put my credit card online ?
    You can call our office during office hours (Sunday – Thursday 10:00am to 6:00pm ISRAEL TIME)
  • What happens if I apply for the plan and then my child doesn't end up going to Israel ?
    We only activate your plan once you have remitted payment. Please do not remit payment until you are sure your child will be coming.
  • What is meant by the "school year" when you state that coverage is for a "school year"?
    Coverage is from the date of start of your school until the end date of that school. We offer the option to extend coverage for the summer vacation period for a very small fee.
  • What happens if I change schools during the year ?
    We work with all schools, Just update us as to the change at
  • What happens if I leave Israel early ?
    In the event that you leave Israel before the school year is up, contact the administrative office at or call the Hotline during office hours.
  • Do I have to be a part of a seminary or yeshiva that has an agreement with MSG to join your plan ?
    No, providing you are within the ages of 16-35 and a student here in Israel you can apply for the student plan.
  • What is a Medical chaperone & Advocate ?
    A medical Chaperone & Advocate is a service currently offered by MSG only to its members. If you have the Preferred plan, then in cases of emergency & or hospital visits, an MSG Medical Team member will be available to you at the Hospital to assist you in navigating the process and language barrier and to ensure that all is clear for both you and the Doctor/Nurse/Specialist. Medical advocates are available by phone for holders of all MSG plans to assist you and guide you through any medical issue that may arise. A medical Chaperone is dispatched at the discretion of MSG’s Chief Medical Officer & the Chief of the Student Services Department. Additionally one of the over 250 physicians, nurses and specialists we work with who are on call at the hospitals may check in on you as well.
  • What is not covered by MSG Health Plan ?
    As always MSG will always refer you to the doctor, specialist or clinic that you may need even for services that may not be covered by your MSG Student plan. We do not offer coverage for Psychological or Mental/Emotional Health issues. We also do not have coverage for dental services. HMO’s in Israel do not offer coverage for issues stemming from abuse of drugs or alcohol & we therefore may not be able to assist with such cases.
  • Do I need to fill out the health form again if my doctor already gave me a form ?
    We require our forms on our website to be completed and signed. If you have your doctor’s medical form, it can be submitted along with the Health form.
  • Does my plan cover dental ?
    We offer discounted dental services through your HMO as per their online pricing plan. We also have arrangements with Anglo Dentists who offer high quality Anglo dental work at fair prices.
  • How can I get a prescription for a refill ?
    Simply call the hotline and a representative will make you an appointment to get the refill from a doctor.
  • Are medication Included ?
    Yes participating pharmacies will fill covered prescriptions with a small co-pay. For prescriptions for chronic or non-covered conditions: Arrangements can be made to receive a prescription refill for the medication. However they are excluded from the coverage you have.
  • Do you offer coverage for glasses or vision care ?
    You are covered for vision care however there is no coverage for the actual glasses.
  • What do I do if I can't find my card ?
    Call the Hotline and we will let you know where to go to pick up a card.
  • I have an appointment today and I can't find my card. will the doctor still see me ?
    Call the Hotline and we will give you a temporary code so that the doctor can see you. Along with this you must give him your policy number.
  • What do I do if I have to update the medical history form at a later date ?
    Email the office at Please note that changes to or lack of disclosure on the medical form may affect your coverage.
  • I am not clear on what the best plan is for me/my child. How can I get assistance for this ?
    Please call us at 646-630-8842 during Israel business hours and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • We just landed and my husband is not feeling well. However, we have no energy to wait in line at an urgent care or hospital now. can you send a doctor over to see what's wrong ?
    Sure! Please call our hotline 072-222-4442 24/7 and a rep and will make arrangements with one of our doctors. Please know that during peak season services can of course be dependent on availability of staff.
  • We want to release my grandmother from the hospital but she still needs IV antibiotic treatment for the next week or so, Can MSG arrange this ?
    We will be happy to. Please email a copy of your grandmother's medical file to us at and a case manager will be in touch to make arrangements.
  • We think my grandmother injured her shoulder, can you come take an X-ray in her house ? will it be seen by a radiologist ?
    We offer same-day at home X-Ray and ultrasound service. Along with the link to the actual x-rays images, you will receive a diagnostic report and an interpretation from our radiologist.
  • I am feeling very dehydrated and nauseous. I am 3 months pregnant. Can someone please come to the house to help me with fluids and the nausea ?
    We can have a nurse at your location relatively fast. If you already have orders from your doctor as to what treatment he would like you to have that will of course help things go much faster. If you need one of our doctors to preform a checkup that can be arranged as well. Keep in mind that most doctors want up-to-date bloodwork before prescribing IV fluids or medications. We are happy to provide those services however the costs may be affected.
  • My GP wants me to take blood tests to check my Iron and my B12 levels. when I go to my clinic they end up having to poke me many times to get the blood. Do you have someone who can come to my home and I also wouldn't need to be poked by the needle so many times ?
    Our phlebotomist's and nurses specialize in just this. They work in the trauma, geriatric and PICU wards and are expert in dealing with complicated IV access. Give us a call and we will be happy to send over one of our specialists.
  • Do you work with insurance companies abroad like Blue Cross or Oxford ? can you bill them directly ?
    Our invoices and medical reports are recognized by most major insurance carriers. We bill clients directly. Once payment is made to us you can file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement of any charges.
  • My father fell and injured his pelvis on his trip with my mother to Thailand. We need to get them back to Israel urgently but he can't fly sitting up and needs to fly with medical assistance. Can you fly him back to Israel ?
    In this case we have a few options among them private air ambulance and commercial stretcher service. Call our Hotline at 072-222-4442 and speak to a medical air transport specialist so we can start the process of getting your parents to Israel soonest.
  • My grandmother is traveling to New Jersey to visit my siblings. she uses oxygen sometimes and is wheelchair bound. Can you escort her from her home in Netanya all the way to her destination in New Jersey ?
    Our Medical escort service seems perfect for her. We can provide a flight nurse to accompany her throughout her trip, as well as arrange for accessible services to and from the airport.
  • What countries can you transport to and from ?
    We transport all over the world, however our main areas of service are Europe, the middle east, Israel and Asia
  • My brother only speaks Spanish; Do you have an escort team who can accomodate ?
    We have care specialists who speak many different languages and we can usually match the patient with at least one team member who speaks their language.
  • How do I get the patient and the other travelers to the airport ? How do I get them to our final destination after the flight ?
    We offer complete Bedside-to-Bedside service including transportation by ground ambulance on both ends of the flight as well as airport tarmac permissions and direct aircraft access permissions. We can also assist you in transporting family members and luggage.
  • How much does it cost ? How is payment made ?
    Payment is made by the client by bank transfer or authorized bank check. Pricing varies depending on many different factors. CLICK HERE to contact us for a price quote.

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