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Healthcare in Israel

The post-high school year in in Israel can be a life-altering experience. Living in a new country with a foreign culture demands maturity and responsibility while giving young adults a chance to learn to live on their own. But some things can’t be left to the learning curve.  

Many students, feeling very helpless, neglect their health while in Israel.  They are often bewildered by an unfamiliar and complex medical system where the language, methods of service and the red tape are all very different than most Anglos' are used to. True, students can sign on to some sort of private health care plan. However, these plans most often do not provide the coverage necessary for anything above the basic sore throat or stomach ache. 

Where MSG Comes In

MSG Medical Services was established to help parents as well as educational institutions navigate the medical system and insurance process for young adults studying in Israel for seminary/yeshiva. With MSG, students
have the ideal combination of benefits, services and comprehensive health coverage.

For members of MSG's Medical Chaperone Service (Our Student Plans) MSG will manage the insurance process and make sure our clients receive every benefit they are entitled to. We will book the necessary appointments, procedures, labs or tests, fill out the paperwork, and, if necessary, arrange for the student to get there and back. We will escort the student to and from the hospital or clinic where necessary & ensure that they get the best and fastest treatment & care possible. MSG also assists our clients with filing claims with their HMO's or insurance in the country of origin.

MSG is the first & only team of its kind to truly understand and see to the health needs of foreign yeshiva and seminary students in Israel.

MSG’s goal is to ensure that our students' needs are met in the most professional, efficient, and effective manner, and that every health benefit they pay for and are entitled to is accessed while still keeping our prices as competitive as possible.

Here at MSG experience & quality of service are everything.  All the staff  of the MSG medical chaperone team have years of experience in medicine and  years of experience dealing with Israeli bureaucracy, We speak English and Hebrew, and understands the world of a yeshiva boy or seminary girl. This allows for a trusting relationship between MSG members and MSG staff, because our clients know they’ll be taken care of in the most respectful, discreet, and professional manner. 

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