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My Miracle in Paris

From all the way in France a husband explains the unfolding events that took place step by step after suddenly finding out that his wife is in a life-threatening state with the local doctors giving up and all the way to the happy reunion getting back to New York.
Moti Glustein

What Bochurim in Israel Need to know

Moti Glustien, who is visiting me today in my office, is young, energetic and fluent in both Hebrew and English. He describes himself to me as the go-to guy for anyone that needs anything medically-related in Eretz Israel.

At Death's Door

The ordeal began innocuously enough. A young woman, on vacation in a foreign county suddenly begin feeling unwell. She goes to a local urgent care center, and is sent to the hospital. Within hours she is semiconscious, her life hanging by a thread.
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